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An initial email is sent to you to gather information about what you need and the goals of your project. A quote will be sent to you outlining what you are wanting designed and any additional options like printing you may need. Once the quote is approved and a deposit made against the invoice, I book your project in and make a start on it


In the beginning, so I can get a better understanding of what you are wanting for your project, I will email you a  'Client Brief' to fill in. It asks for various information and additional items or files that you like which might help me with my creative process.  I then do my own research and create a mood board of ideas, images, fonts, colours etc related to your project. 


Using your ideas and my research mood board, I go away and sketch some ideas. Then I design these on the computer to get a proper visual solution for your project. Once I settle on an initial proof of design concepts I will send through a presentation of 2-3, sometimes more. I present these to you as a pdf, sometimes explaining the ideas behind each or what is successful or not.


I'll ask you to give me feedback on what you like and don't like, and any suggestions you may have based on the initial concepts you see. Over the next few rounds of proofs I will focus on your ideas, and mix them with mine so the design gets resolved and meets your goals as outlined in your brief. This could take 1 or 3 more rounds or proofssometimes more, sometimes less. I like to spend the time to get it right and make sure you are happy with your project.


The approval stage of your project is very important. I have a checklist at final approval stage you will need to go over and sign to make sure everything is correct and in its place. This is a safeguard for both of us and so I can deliver final artwork files to you. Sometimes it's very helpful to get a second pair of eyes to look at your project too to make sure you haven't missed anything.


When you have chosen and accepted the final design. I will email you the final artwork files that you need to keep on file or produce your print job. For logos this could be a logo suite of you logo for both web or print use. For print work like business cards, flyers and brochures, it will be a print ready file with crop marks and bleed. For web it could be a png or jpeg file to upload.


The most exciting part is for you to be able to use your new design and get it out into your industry and to your clients and suppliers.


Feel free to get in touch at any stage along the way or afterwards, if you need any further explanations, help or assistance. That's what I'm here for to be your graphic designer!